Descripción y objetivos

The participant will learn how too effectively use ANSYS Space Claim to create, modify and prepare geometries for any analysis type. The training covers a series of chapters with practical knowledge of the tool, complemented by an extensive amount of practical exercises.
Course Topics:

•ANSYS Space Claim interface review
•Geometries Creation
•Sketches and 3D modeling
•Simplification and repair geometries
•Preparation of geometries for analysis  
•Beams and middle surfaces
•extraction of fluid domains
•Parameterization and named entities
Meshing: Is easy to use when you want to create and modify their meshes like thetra, penta, sweep, multi zone, CFX mesh and Hybrids in preparation for the domains with physics like structural, thermal, electrical, electromagnetics or combined.
Mechanical: This training course teaches students how to effectively use ANSYS Mechanical to build a mechanical simulation model, analyze it and interpret the results.
Course Topics Include:
·         Introduction
·         Mechanical Basics
·         General Preprocessing
·         Static Structural Analysis
·         Vibration Analysis
·         Thermal Analysis
·         Linear Buckling Analysis
·         Results Post processing
·         CAD & Parameters
Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.
Recommended Follow-on Courses (this is dependent upon the student’s interests and applications)
·         Heat Transfer
·         Structural Non-linear
·         Dynamics
·         Rigid Body Flexible Body Dynamics
·         Using Command Objects

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