Formula SAE: Designing to Win Using ANSYS CFD for an Aerodynamic Advantage


Descripción y objetivos

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Duration: 60 minutes

Leap Australia

Implementation of an effective aerodynamics package has been shown to be a clear competitive advantage in Formula SAE, with an increasing number of teams integrating aerodynamic packages into their designs. However, the complexity of aerodynamic design means that a sound methodology must be used to ensure a verifiable performance advantage is achieved.

Monash Motorsport has been a leader in the use of aerodynamics to achieve a competitive advantage in FSAE since 2002, resulting in six Australasian Championships and a ranking of second in the world.

In this presentation, Monash Motorsport will outline the evolution of their current aerodynamic design methodology, and explain how MMS uses ANSYS CFD to create a competitive advantage in Formula SAE.

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